RiskPal – WorldAware Partnership

RiskPal, the new risk management software solution, has announced plans to enhance its offering by partnering with leading global risk management firm, WorldAware.

RiskPal will utilise WorldAware’s leading country and ratings API to bolster its destination-based threat intelligence.

“At RiskPal, we care deeply about our clients and are committed to enabling their successful operations worldwide,” said Tom Bacon, RiskPal’s Chief Operating Officer. “WorldAware is an industry leader with a dedicated focus on developing and supporting successful partnerships. Their insightful and up-to-date country threat profiles have already improved the RiskPal service.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with RiskPal,” said WorldAware Senior Vice President of Global Strategic Partnerships, Theresa Thomas. “We look forward to supporting RiskPal and collaborating on the best solutions as they continue to grow and provide excellent client offerings.”

For more information about this partnership please get in touch.

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