Risk assessments made easy

Protect your people. Raise the standard.

  • Quicker risk assessments that minimise repetitive tasks

  • Instant access to all your security, health and safety advice

  • Engage your workforce and boost your duty of care

Why Use RiskPal?


Risk assessments are often laborious, inefficient and involve too much back-and-forth emailing of Word and Excel documents.


Save time to focus on the work you love.

Comply & Protect

Risk documentation and advice can be hard to locate when you most need it.

Oversee and access all of your risk assessment activity and data in one place.


Respond quickly and consistently to new standards, regulations and threats.

Easily access and disseminate expert health, safety and security advice, including the latest COVID-19 mitigations.


Companies we work with


Enhance Productivity

Collaborate Effortlessly

  • Risk assessment templates and efficient approval cycle saves users considerable time.
  • The library of professional risk advice, country information and international suppliers ensure users can focus on the principle risks, not waste energy searching and inputting the same information repeatedly

“Thanks to RiskPal, I no longer dread the words ‘risk assessment.’  RiskPal contains great safety advice, and the pre-built templates mean that I can quickly generate and share risk assessments on anything from hosting a conference to travelling to a high risk location.”


Sarah, Media Sector


Duty of Care

Centralised & Compliant

  • Access live and historic risk assessments in one central database, 24/7
  • Easily review, edit and approve risk assessments
  • Configure templates, advice and user permissions to match your business needs and activities

“Signing off risk assessments has streamlined processes that used to get lost in a bundle of emails. Being able to quickly create risk assessment templates and input safety advice to the database makes us well prepared to respond swiftly to changing situations, and proactively manage risk.”


James, Travel Sector


Risk Management Excellence

Get the Competitive Edge

  • Win new business and assure third parties through your risk management professionalism
  • Facilitate and reward staff participation, building a risk aware organisational culture
  • Obtain better data on risk exposure and travel patterns
  • Comply and lead in duty of care

“Unfortunately, using unknown service providers across the world entails risk. Companies rarely share staff experiences and feedback, which leads to repeat mistakes and inefficient expenditure. RiskPal changes that.”


Amina, NGO Sector