Shifting Perceptions of the Dreaded Risk Assessment

RiskPal speeds up the risk assessment process and improves consistency, compliance and duty of care for workforces worldwide.

Already in trial with several organisations, RiskPal gives users access to a library of pre-designed risk assessment templates and expert security, health and safety advice. It gives management oversight of all pending, live and completed tasks and offers users the ability to share valuable experiences and information on destinations and suppliers.

Speaking about how RiskPal is helping its clients, one of the RiskPal founders, Colin Pereira, said:

“We are really excited to be launching RiskPal. For too long, risk assessments have been a headache for clients. Those filling out the assessments often find them laborious and key details are frequently lost in a flurry of emails. It is obviously a very difficult time for many companies right now. We hope that the access to our COVID-19 advice and risk assessment templates via RiskPal will allow users to focus on operations while helping ensure the safety of staff”.

For more information about RiskPal and to access our COVID-19 safety advice please get in touch.

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