Helping Production Houses Get Back On Track

Published On: March 9, 2021Categories: COVID19, Media, Risk Assessment

Are you lacking internal expertise or budget to guide consistent and professional health and safety practices?

Do you find risk assessments laborious, inefficient and unengaging?

Are your commissioners demanding comprehensive proof of risk management?

If so, RiskPal can help.


By creating risk assessment templates and advice suitable for your productions, RiskPal minimises repetitive form filling and gives you more time to focus on key risks at hand and get back to the work you love.

RiskPal gives you easy access to a library of specialist production health, safety and security advice and ensures your best risk assessments aren’t lost when staff or freelancers move on.

What’s more, RiskPal is actually helping production houses win business, demonstrating to commissioners the professionalism you place on best safety practices, including COVID-19 precautions.

We know it’s been a very difficult period for productions and hope RiskPal can help your company get back to success.

See an example risk assessment in the window below and please contact us to schedule a demo.


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