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We spoke to one of RiskPal’s High Risk Advisors, David Oades, about his work in the adventure travel

Hopes that business travel would start to resume in the first quarter of 2021 have been snuffed out

More than a century ago, the crew of Endurance were busy attempting to escape their prison in the

These days nearly every company I know has some sort of risk assessment (RA) process, especially now we’re

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our latest feature, the RiskPal Help Suite! Our detailed User Guide

It might seem like a strange time to write about travel risk management just as movement restrictions are

Risk Assessing the US Elections

Many different scenarios unfamiliar to America have been forecast about the outcome of the 3 November vote. The

We have updated our guidance for businesses preparing for staff to return to work. The document is selected

Our regular updates to COVID-19 advice over the past six months have shown RiskPal users how quick and

RiskPal, the new risk management software solution, has announced plans to enhance its offering by partnering with leading

The partial easing of COVID-19 lockdown measures has led to large crowds at public places, street parties and

UK media productions are finding it incredibly challenging to obtain insurance that covers disruptions related to COVID-19. HP

In light of the recent protests in the United States, along with the arrest of a CNN crew

As organisations prepare for some employees to return to the workplace, we have added a ‘COVID-19: Return to

Last month we spoke to one of the founders, David Holley, about the origins of RiskPal and what

RiskPal speeds up the risk assessment process and improves consistency, compliance and duty of care for workforces worldwide.

COVID-19 Assignments

With the global news agenda currently dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, RiskPal is proving to be invaluable to