Benefits and Features



Risk assessments are often laborious, inefficient and involve the back-and-forth emailing of Word and Excel documents.

Save time to focus on the work you love.

Comply & Protect


Risk documentation and advice can be hard to locate when you most need it.

Oversee and access all of your risk assessment activity and data in one place.



Respond quickly and consistently to new standards, regulations and threats.

Easily access expert health, safety and security advice, including the latest COVID-19 mitigations.

“RiskPal has transformed our risk assessment process. It has improved the consistency and quality of our risk assessments, makes approvals easy and saves us valuable time, every time”.

Elaine Morris, Head of Production-Television, ITN Productions

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Risk Assessment Templates & Easy Approvals

  • Create tailored risk assessment templates for common assignments and destinations
  • Easily share risk assessments across teams, ensuring no one is missed out
  • No more laborious cut-and-paste or back-and-forth of emails with an easy and auditable sign-off process
  • Standardise practices across teams, driving consistency
  • Demonstrate to your staff, stakeholders or customers that you take safety seriously


Professional Advice & Configurable Content

  • Oversee live projects and quickly communicate updates to your teams
  • Manage your library of health, safety and security advice
  • Access emergency records in a crisis, in full compliance with GDPR
  • Configure user permissions, departments and approval processes to reflect your internal corporate set-up


Analytics & Staff Feedback

  • Corporate knowledge is lost when an employee leaves. Harness the experiences of your workforce
  • Obtain and share on-the-ground insights and intelligence about location safety and logistics
  • Develop a database of trusted service providers; maintain high standards and save unnecessary costs
  • Get meaningful data and insights on your risk activities, helping you curb dangerous practices, and improve safety and staff wellbeing