RiskPal: Meet the Team

RiskPal’s founders, David and Colin, met when working as risk consultants at the BBC in 2004. Based on years of experience (and frustrations) with writing thousands of risk assessments a year, in late 2017 they first discussed developing an easier digital risk assessment process.


From there RiskPal was born.


Soon realising that running a consultancy and development project was quite a lot of work, Tom joined the team in 2018, bringing with him experience managing several different risk management SaaS services. David (yes, another David) joined the following year having managed adventure travel expeditions all over the world.


RiskPal has more than 50 years’ combined professional risk management experience.


RiskPal has been based on our own extensive experiences, client feedback and expectations around future trends in risk assessment, travel safety and health and safety.


Colin Pereira

Co-Founder & Director

Colin first came up with the concept of an online risk assessment platform through years of advising and training journalists. Experiencing day-to-day frustrations of lost emails and Word document attachments unsuitable to breaking news and complex assignments, Colin knew there had to be a better solution in the 21st Century.

Colin is the Chief Safety Strategist for the Committee to Protect Journalists. Previous roles include Head of High-Risk Security for ITN News, Deputy Head of the BBC High-Risk Team, as well as a producer for BBC Newsnight, Radio 4 and World TV.


David Holley

Co-Founder & Director

With more than 10 years risk management experience, David has a vast array of knowledge regarding all things risk-related – from operating in conflict zones to general workplace safety. David’s considerable international expertise has been instrumental in the creation of RiskPal’s extensive risk advice library and database.


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David is a former Lt Colonel in the British army, who previously worked for the BBC High-Risk Team and as International Security Manager at National Public Radio (NPR).


Tom Bacon

Chief Operating Officer

Tom is the driving force behind RiskPal and has overseen the implementation of many of the features that make the platform so unique.


Having managed risk consultancy services for a variety of global organisations, Tom has more than ten years experience working on risk management platforms, including as the Geopolitical Director at Protection Group International and Head of Risk Analysis at G4S Risk Management.


David Oades

Consultant & Risk Advisor

David has worked as an expedition leader in over 80 countries around the world and has a huge amount of first-hand experience writing risk assessments and keeping people safe.


In addition to working as a consultant and advisor for both RiskPal and HP Risk Management, David continues to run his own expedition company Overlanding West Africa.


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RiskPal Values



We treasure trust and speak our minds.



We act with integrity, celebrate diversity and value each individual.



We learn, look ahead and always challenge convention.


User Focus

We are proactive, responsive and surpass expectations.