Ukraine Deployment- Sample Risk Assessment Report RiskPal

Ukraine Deployment- Sample Risk Assessment

Ukraine has been facing geopolitical tensions for months now. Recently, many Western countries have been repeatedly warned of the imminent prospect of conflict. As diplomatic efforts to de-escalate Ukraine-Russia tension continue, large number of journalists from around the world have travelled to Ukraine to cover the current volatile situation.

This ‘Ukraine Deployment’ sample risk assessment report, based on the hypothetical journalist deployment from Kyiv to the eastern Donbas region, is taken from RiskPal, the risk assessment platform. It is being used everyday by media teams for this type of risk assessment. The smart technology to run risk assessments digitally minimises frustrating data entry and document control. Relevant templates point users to the right security and safety questions.

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Risk assessment will continue to form a key component of risk management and crisis resilience in 2022 and beyond. For decades, risk assessment has been dominated by burdensome document processing and excessive bureaucracy, breeding resentment among those who need them most.

RiskPal is changing this. We believe the process should be empowering and easy, while at the same time strengthening risk management and duty of care. Read more about how great user experience can contribute to better risk management engagement here or get in touch to find out more.

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